“MBI is for entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, heirs and shareholders. And for all those who, nonconformists and visionaries, are not afraid of the possibilities the new markets offer.”


Fernando Suzuki - Founder & CInO



Leaders of the future will be shaped by INNOVATION. There is no sense at the accommodation brought about by traditional and static learning methods. Being a Master in Administration has determined the “C level” of the past and remains important. It is a base, but it is not enough. It should be used as a foothold, springboard, platform. Because it is not the top anymore (and because there is no more a top). There is a new mindset, more dynamic, more practical and much more insecure waiting for you. Yes, that’s right, this is an invitation to leave the safety net, to make decisions and seek unprecedented views. At MBI, you start a new journey that is not yet fully defined. And whose outcome will depend on your own ability to collaborate with it. Begin by accepting this truth: you are not ready for the outside world. But after the MBI, the world out there will have to be ready for you. Thereby we want it to be. Does any other business school offer you this?


MBI Esssencial

Which side (of the World) are you on?


Disruptions caused by innovations affect society and economy overnight. New businesses emerge at the same speed as century-old corporations sink. And none of the companies you see today will exist in the same way over the next 5 years (including yours). The digital landscape is complex, innovation is extremely dynamic. And the speed of light is no longer an unbeatable parameter because social networks are faster. After all, while the sun still shines on this side of the planet, everyone on the other side already knows what happened here today. The MBI will INVADE, DESTROY, CONQUER, REBUILD and MASTER your mindset. And swing your business (or your career).


MBI Experience

The fifth wall


The much-desired MBA degree... in the end, you will have it too. Recognized by the MEC-BR (Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture) and doubly certified in Innovation and/or Hospitality by Cornell University of New York. But as Innovation is much, MUCH more than a certificate, be prepared to be challenged. You will have in-class lessons, but you will also take some experimental lessons aboard a yacht, perhaps inside a plane and even in a diving with sharks. By the way, “shark” professionals have been invited to MBI’s classes and want to meet and interact with you. Welcome to the “action learning”: the practice of leadership, entrepreneurship and decisions-making through innovative, collaborative and team-based experiences. After diving with sharks, the biggest challenge will be going back to the classroom.


MBI Acceleration

You are your own startup


Applying business theory in realistic scenarios is the basis of the MBI curriculum. Therefore, classes are enriched with the practice of skills needed in a innovative Startup, to be created by you during the course. At the end, to validate the Business Model of your “new company”, you should be able to present a full innovation kit: Elevator Pitch, Investors Pitch Deck (10-20-30), Demo, MVP, Business Plan...


MBI Exposed

What the MBI is not (and to whom it is not)


If you have read this far and are still considering the traditional MBAs enshrined by the past and/or those that try to take over innovation through a “make up” in an old engineering class, do not do MBI. Keep on using a taxi, dreaming of having a gasoline sports car (which does 7 miles per gallon) and trying to understand why this morning’s World is not the same at 6pm. MBI is not a big brand, yet. Does not have 10,000 students, yet. It was not founded 100 years ago, yet better.



MBI X-ray

Skeletons will be x-rayed


Yes, the theory is still there, even if in a smarter way. After all, in order to Master innovation quickly and take better advantage of opportunities, you need the innovation’s “x-ray” through the Finances, Marketing, Operations, Leadership, Economics, Strategy, Legislation and New Technologies.


Continued Module

Disruptive Innovation and Project Mentoring


Innovation takes place at a pace and a scale of adoption that threatens and invalidates all existing business models. Likewise, new digital platforms and social networks offer opportunities for creating innovative models, regardless of the size of the company or market segment. And all this happens every day, so discussion and mentorship will be permanent, addressing the principles of innovation, the mechanisms to boost innovative mindsets, the social media and digital tools, having the new “classic” cases as models.







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